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    marshaWhy not use a la carte wedding planning services?


    Planning a wedding is exciting for everyone involved whether they use wedding planning services or not. It can also be frustrating and one in which people loose hope of getting their dream wedding once they start to try to coordinate services and try to find out how to pay for everything. Working with a professional can often help people to stay within budget and get their dream wedding.


    People sometimes have the mistaken idea that using a wedding planner is expensive or only something the very rich do. The fact is that wedding planning services can be scaled to suit the couple’s needs. A wedding planner can handle everything or just a few things.


    It is possible to find sources for all the details without working with a planner and a great many people do. But they miss out on the expertise that a planner can provide as well as access to great services and products. Most planners have a good selection of people they work with to provide services like photographers, caterers, florists, and furniture rental companies that can provide décor. Working with a planner will often give people access to services they never knew about as well as some sizable discounts in many cases.


    Sometimes brides have an idea of what they want their wedding to be like but they can’t seem to get all the parts coordinated. Working with a planner is somewhat like working with an interior decorator – she can take your vision and make it come to life. Another reason to work with a professional is that there are often elements that brides are not aware of, or don’t know how to incorporate that can make a big impact on the outcome. Sometimes brides are not aware that they have missed a step. Having someone on the outside take a look at the big picture prevents important details from being missed.


    If the worst things happen during planning such as not being able to get the favored location, the right music or photographer because someone has already hired them, chances are that working with a planner will mean being able to find someone equally as desirable to work with. Because planners have such a large network of resources, most of them will be able to find a substitute service provider.


    No matter what level of service you need from your wedding planner, you can be assured that your planner will not try to take over and change your wedding into her design. She will suggest products and services, find the kinds you want and generally make sure that everything flows smoothly. Think of her as your manager but don’t worry that you won’t get the style and services you want.

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